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Acrylic Nails-Diamond and Striping Tape Design

31 May

♡ DIY: Pink & White Acrylic Nails – NO DRILL! Acrylic Nails-Diamond and Striping Tape Design If your going to give this design a try make sure you prep your nails apply your tip and file Acrylic Nails-Diamond and Striping Tape Design

31 May

Acrylic Nail food?

30 May

How do you remove acrylic nails?

Barth Syndrome (BTHS)

29 May

Overview: Barth syndrome (BTHS) is a rare, sex-linked genetic disorder of lipid metabolism that primarily affects males across different ethnicities. Typically, boys with BTHS present with hypotonia ( Barth Syndrome (BTHS)

29 May

SoCal Street Cart Vendors Hurting After ‘Occupy Group Splatters Blood, Urine

28 May

How to Apply Acrylic Nails at Home

27 May

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